Summer 2018 Leagues Registration
7 week seasons. Signups close Monday, June 25th
► Ya sign up, we get ya on a team, a schedule, you'll play one night a week, & join the community:

What we're all about
  • Lowest cost AND most playing time in NYC
  • Actually a welcoming social scene - not just team cliques
  • Post game bar-parties with drink specials
  • Seasonal charity drive YOU choose
  • Everyone makes the playoffs
  • Team bar games - but no pressure to play!
  • Weekly costume themes (dress & get free shots!)
  • 3 Trophies: The Sandlot Cup, Social Champs, & Bar Champs
Sign Up Options ► Early Bird Discount 10% off. Automatic during signup
► Undergrad Discount 25% off. Use code ILIVEONRAMEN during signup
BOGO Discount 50% off. When you join 2 leagues **in the same season** your 2nd registration is half price. Buy your 1st normal, then use code HALVZEEZ during the 2nd signup

Pair or Group
(2-5 Players)

$80 per player
*Max 3 of one gender. Max 4 returning players*
Full Team
(9-15 players)

$1000 flat fee any size!
*Min 3 women. Max 4 returners*
Company/Alumni Team
(9+ players & 1 optional veteran*)

$1000 flat fee any size!
*Min 3 women. No max roster size*

Social Leagues

NYC's classic - these leagues are for everyone - good, suck, newbie, veteran, athletic, or uncoordinated!

Like, winning's definitely cool and all, but really not the singular focus, ya dig? The motto's "Hey don't be a dick." Good or bad can thrive here

THE league in the city to meet people and feel most welcome. (Not to toot our own horn, but that's the reputation out there - beep muthaf-in beep)

We mix up the teams every season. Because of that, it's not cliquey like most sports leagues - everyone gets to know everyone as one big community - not just a bunch of preexisting friend groups.

Social Advanced Leagues

For the more experienced dodger - or those that aren't but want to get better! NYC's only spot for the SPORT of dodgeball! ...(Still social! Shares a gym with the Social League even!)

This is a Draft League - after signups, the Captains (the pre-chosen fan favorite best and most inviting players in the league!) draft the teams, so they're all balanced

Don't be intimidated - no one bites! New players always welcome! Don't need to be great to join - just wanna improve and/or try a high level!

PS. There are even nat'l tournies! If ya wanna play with NYC's best/end up on a team representing NYC, here's where to start!

LEAGUES For Companies

Organizations join our social league - be that office mates, corporate team, alumni group, church group, non-profit, um, yahtzee club? Etc.

Here's a PDF flyer you can send to your company - now who's a hero for finding a cool new office thingy!

Teambuilding can be just a buzzword - what that means here is we understand how important colleagues bonding outside work is: A focus on social interaction - not the usual lazy execution of "here's a gym, balls, & a ref - go!" in leagues.

Weekly game photos for your HR departments to show off and help recruit - showing off "lookie what cool stuff our company does!"