Yeah who knew…

There’s a bit more than just throwing and dodging!

Monday Social League Champs - Ballistic Brownies!

Monday Social League Champs - Ballistic Brownies!

Dodgeball Rules…in short

  • Balls lined up to rush for in the middle.

  • Throw em! (Without being a dick by overthrowing at people smaller/not as good!)

  • Head safety - keep throws low!

  • Stay in bounds!

  • Out if your throw's caught, or if a throw hits you or knocks a ball out of your hand

  • The ball is live until it hits the ground - so it can be caught off a deflection...or it can hit out more than one person!

  • When out, get in line on the sideline.  If a player on your team who's still in makes a catch, whoever's first in line comes back in - up to the number of players who started.

  • Play til one team's dead, rinse and repeat!

  • Your record determines your seeding for the playoffs. Everyone makes the playoffs! Its the biggest party of the season!