Winter Leagues Registration
*Wait List (you’ll prob get in!)*

·Downtown Mondays. 1/12 – 3/9
·Uptown Wednesdays. 1/28 – 3/11
Get me on the Wait List yo!

7 weeks. $80. Cheapest in the city:
Wanna play both leagues?…1/2 price!
Dodge balls. Meet people. Drink beers.
Bar afterparties, prizes, sports, smiles!
Open Gym Pickup Games
Wanna try it out? See if ya like it?
All skill levels welcome
Oooh! Me! I wanna come!

Every Monday Downtown
Every Wednesday Uptown
Come play & party with us!
Don’t be shy, we don’t bite…hard.

Pardon our lackluster appearance.  Site under construction by top dodgeball minds.

Hey Look!  Funsies:

Sandlot Sports – New York City’s Premiere Dodgeball League.
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