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Good People. Gooder times.


Oh. Hey there! Didn't see you walk in. Welcome to Sandlot Sports.

We’re New York City’s Dodgeball League.  So yeah, if you like fun and smiling and stuff, you should probably come play with us.   We are run by the players, for the players – which means not only are we the cheapest social sports league in the city, but it also means we’ve got the most balanced gender ratio you’ll find out there.  And ANYBODY can play.  Hey!  That’s you!  You’re an anybody!!!!  So join a leagueor be shy and read our story, photos & videos first to see what's up, or better yet: just come check us out – FREE every week to drop in and give it a try Throw some rubber balls, come drink some beers, meet some good people.  Win win.*

*unless you lose.




Top of the line, cutting edge,
technology advanced
top secret dodgeball facilities

St. Luke's School

Manhattan West Village - St. Luke's School

487 Hudson St @ Grove St, New York, NY 10014

ACE BDFM to West 4th St.
1 & PATH to Christopher St.


St. Joseph's School

Manhattan Upper East Side - St Joseph's School

420 E 87th Street @ 1st Ave, New York, NY 10128

456 to 86th St


After-party for Sandlot players every game night. Beer game tables, drink deals and food specials at the bar, free shots, and general awesome party time! Or don’t party, and just hang out.

3 Sheets Saloon

Manhattan West Village - 3 Sheets Saloon

134 W 3rd St @ 7th Ave, New York, NY 10012 

ACE BDFM to West 4th



Manhattan Upper East Side - Saloon

1584 York Ave @ 84th St, New York, NY 10028

456 to 86th St

Join a Dodgeball League Already!

*NEW LEAGUE GRAND OPENING*  1/2 Price Thursday soft jello balls!

Discount Code: Join 1 full price league (Monday or Tuesday) and use code "halvzeez" when joining the other one to get it for half price.  $120 for 14 weeks!  Dodgeball to the people! 

Registration Open nOw: 2016 Spring Season, April-May

Registration Deadline: Thursday, March 24

  • Cheapest social sport leagues in the city. $80...and grand opening of Thursday league for $40!  Least dollars for the most playing time. Because jesus, it’s dodgeball. The minute we start getting all corporate-y and price-gouging you is the minute you can kick us in the taint.
  • Weekly costume themes, after-parties (pending on the bar, karaoke or beergardens too), drink deals, extra playing time all around the city all week, prizes, team t-shirts, refs, the coveted Sandlot Cup and Golden Squid - all provided. Oh, and dodgeballs. We’ll bring those too. Those are important.
  • Coed, 21-and-up, 9-10 players per team. (Exceptions are possible if you bribe us ) At least 4 women on a team required.
  • The NYC Classic.  No experience necessary. We mix up the skill levels of every team so every team has some good, some bad, some new, some old...you'll fit in don't worry!  Everyone signs up solo or with a couple buddies, then WE make balanced teams (unless you're a full corporate team!).  So it's great for vets AND newbies/crappos (term of endearment)!  We boast the best players in NYC (National Dodgeball League champs, World Dodgeball Federation champs) but plenty of, well, crappos too! It works because we have a strict “Hey, Don’t Be a Dick” policy (it’s an industry term). So relax! No one great is going to crush someone who isn’t. No one is going to be mad at you if you're bad – guy or girl.
  • Safe soft balls if that's your speed...OR the good stuff: Old school rubber playground balls. The way god intended.  Your choice!


April 4th - May 16
Old School Playground balls


6-7:30 open gym optional extra playing time
7:30-10pm league games (some weeks you'll play on the early side there, some on the later).  7 week season & bar parties.

Afterparty (optional - if that's your thing) includes $9 pitchers, $3 shots


April 12 - May 24
Old School Playground balls


6-7:30 open gym optional extra playing time
 7:30-9:30pm (some weeks you'll play on the early side there, some on the later).  7 week season & bar parties.

Afterparty bar (optional - if that's your thing) includes a Karaoke room!


April 14 - May 26
Safe soft no-sting jello balls

$40 - Grand Opening!  1/2 price!  

6-7:30 open gym optional extra playing time
 7:30-10:00pm (some weeks you'll play on the early side there, some on the later).  7 week season & bar parties.

Afterparty (optional - if that's your thing): includes an Outdoor BeerGarden


Try It Out: Free Open Gym!

Normal Weekly Schedule*

*(Check Calendar below for scheduled dates...and/or see our facebook group for any last minute changes)


*(Check Calendar below for scheduled dates...and/or see our facebook group for any last minute changes)

Name *
  • FREE if you’re new – FREE if you bring someone new! Otherwise $10 ($5 for league members)
  • Co-ed. Open to all (21+)...Hey, that's you!
  • Laid back drop-in dodgeball! Come every week, or just come by once to check it out and see if you like it.
  • ALWAYS a ton of people to meet (and throw things at)! And new people – good, bad, never played – are ALWAYS welcome. We’ll explain everything, introduce you around, then head out to the bar together after (if that’s your thing). All good!


7:00 - 9:30 PM
St Luke School, 487 Hudson St

8.5" OLD SCHOOL RUBBER PLAYGROUND balls. Sport of Kings!


Upper East Side
6:00 - 7:30 PM
St Joseph School, 420 E 87th St

8.5" OLD SCHOOL RUBBER PLAYGROUND balls. Sport of Kings!


6:00 - 7:30 PM
St Joseph School, 420 E 87th St

7" JELLO balls, & 7" FOAM.  Soft safe foam everyone can throw & squishy no-sting rubber.  Whoa that's good Squishy!



What Are You Walking Into Here?

Dear haver of eyes who is reading this right now,

We are NYC’s home for Dodgeball-ery.  Hi there.  You should come play with us.  If you like fun and smiling and stuff.  Fun’s pretty alright.  We have actual Leagues you can join, or you can just pop in every week for some FREE pickup games.  Many do both!

Pretty much, we’re a good group of people of all walks of life who realized you’re allowed to play dodgeball after grade school apparently.  Who knew?  So we do.  All over the city!  And then we normally go hang out and get some beers with each other afterward.  (That part’s different than grade school…hopefully.)

We’re not only the cheapest indoor sports league – of ANY sport – in the city, but also the only league that runs weekly Open-Gym Pickup Games so anybody and everybody can try it out to see if you like it.  For FREE.

We’re also the only league in the city playing with old school rubber playground balls (aka real dodgeball).  Because elementary school nostalgia!  And despite “Oh no! Stingy rubber balls!  I had nightmares about that in grade school!” memories some people harbor, we make this very much a not-bullying atmosphere different than your crazy 5th grade gym class.

In fact we have a better gender ratio than any coed sports league you’re gonna find out there.  Especially for a contact sport.  Every season is about 60/40 male, female.  There are 220lb guys and 100lb females – and no one’s out there scared or being pummeled.

And here’s why:

We think dodgeball is a great game. When you boil down most sports, they’re really just throwing, reacting, and catching anyway isn’t it? And that’s what we do. And we love it.

Now, we get that it can be intimidating to walk into a room of strangers under any social scenario – especially in one they’re throwing balls at you.

We’re different because we have checks and balances in place so we can cultivate an atmosphere where you can have a great time if you’re an All Star or you’re more a Can’t-Throw-Or-Catch-To-Save-My-Life  type. By RULE, we’re structured so no one can just hang out in their own friend clique never meeting anyone new, and that team skill levels are evened out so no one’s getting steamrolled. And you know what that means? It means that we are not only the most balanced competition out there but also the most welcoming environment you’re going to find. Not a bad combo eh? Good People, Gooder Times.

And that’s not just hippie smiles and rainbows.  It works.

Some of us are great at this game (National Dodgeball League players, Tournament champions), and some of us suck something awful at it. And that’s ok. Our unofficial league motto is “Hey, don’t be a dick.”  As such, we promote PLAYING TO YOUR COMPETITION LEVEL. Sure, an all star is going to turn it to 11 against another all star – as they should! –  but if you’re new, or just not good, they’re going to tone that down to the appropriate level.  Or else we just don’t let you play.  So regardless of your level, no one’s out to bully you out on a schoolyard here, and you can expect to have fun and be as welcome as anyone without fear.

So whatever you’re into: whether you’re looking to play hard, meet some people, run around like a kid, have a drink after work – you’re good to go here.

We take being good to each other seriously here.  And we’re good at it.  And that’s good.  Good?  Good.

Balls Full, Laces Tight,

Dodgeball Shogun


Get in touch with us

Lonely? Need a pen pal? On the toilet at work and on your phone and just don’t want to go back to your desk yet? Questions, comments, suggestions? Please let us know. There’s a real person on the other end of this, promise. We do read everything that comes our way and we do respond, and we do make adjustments. This is YOUR league after all. We want to make it fun for you. We’re very populist like that.  Or click here if you prefer avoiding human contact but still want to know some more behind the scenes nuts and bolts of our story.