What We're All About
Why we're gooder. Dazzle me!

Social Leagues

NYC's classic - these leagues are for everyone - good, suck, newbie, veteran, athletic, or uncoordinated!

Like, winning's definitely cool and all, but really not the singular focus, ya dig? The motto's "Hey don't be a dick." Good or bad can thrive here

THE league in the city to meet people and feel most welcome. (Not to toot our own horn, but that's the reputation out there - beep muthaf-in beep)

We mix up the teams every season. Because of that, it's not cliquey like most sports leagues - everyone gets to know everyone as one big community - not just a bunch of preexisting friend groups.

Social Intermediate Leagues

For the more experienced dodger - or those that aren't but want to get better! NYC's only spot for the SPORT of dodgeball! ...(Still social! Shares a gym with the Social League even!)

This is a Draft League - after signups, the Captains (the pre-chosen fan favorite best and most inviting players in the league!) draft the teams, so they're all balanced

Don't be intimidated - no one bites! New players always welcome! Don't need to be great to join - just wanna improve and/or try a high level!

PS. There are even nat'l tournies! If ya wanna play with NYC's best/end up on a team representing NYC, here's where to start!

LEAGUES For Companies

Organizations join our social league - be that office mates, corporate team, alumni group, church group, non-profit, um, yahtzee club? Etc.

Here's a PDF flyer you can send to your company - now who's a hero for finding a cool new office thingy!

Teambuilding can be just a buzzword - what that means here is we understand how important colleagues bonding outside work is: A focus on social interaction - not the usual lazy execution of "here's a gym, balls, & a ref - go!" in leagues.

Weekly game photos for your HR departments to show off and help recruit - showing off "lookie what cool stuff our company does!"

Oh hey!  So...lemme get this little nugget out of the way - our super classy motto is "Hey don't be a dick."  Charming eh? You’re not a dick are you?  No?  Great!  You’ll fit right in!  So you should probably come play with us.  If you like charity and fun and smiling and stuff.  Fun’s pretty alright. 

Ooooh! lookie!  Here’s a bullet point list of why we’re gooder!  Because you know, kids these days and their buzzfeed lists and stay off my lawn:


1. By players, for players: a community, not a corporation
2. Lowest cost sport league in the city
3. The most playing time
4. Only NYC league for Elite National Tournament teams, casual player leagues, or suckos (term of endearment)
5. Only NYC league with Old school playground balls (8.5”), No-sting rubber balls, or soft foam balls


1. Seasonal charity drive to an organization of your choice
2. Actually meeting good people, not cliques
3. Balanced gender ratio
4. Post-game drink specials, Beer games and shenanigans
5. Costume themes (optional, but you get free shots!)

If you’ve ever been in a sports league before, you know how the idea of “social” actually just ends up being each team of pre-existing friends hanging out in their own clique a lot of times?  Yeah, that sucks.  You’ll find a lot of that in New York.  Here, it’s an actual community.  So brace yourself for, you know, strangers being inclusive and stuff.  I know.  Deep breaths.  Whether your agenda is meeting people, some charity, grabbin a beer, exercise, a social option, a competitive one - we got you.

Pretty much, I dunno, if you’re in NYC and playing dodgeball somewhere else, you kiiiinda F'ed up…

So probably don’t F up?  Plus, all the cool kids are doing it.  You don't wanna not be a cool kid do you?!  

Balls Full, Laces Tight,

Dodgeball Shogun