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(2-5 Players)

*Max 3 of any one gender*
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(9-12 players)

*Min 3 women.  Max 4 Returners*
Sign up as a Company Team
(9+ players & 1 optional veteran*)

*Min 3 women.  No max roster size*
Don't worry - welcoming and meeting new people is what we're all about!

You can request friends here, But if ya need to be someone, choose SMALL GROUP together
So 3F?  OK!
3M 2F?  OK!
4M 1F?  Not ok.

Gotta keep gender balance!

Have more than 5?  Either find a few more to make a FULL TEAM, or break into 2 smaller SMALL GROUPS

Ex: break a group of 8 into 2 groups of 4...all in the same gym/bar anyway!
*The league may veto it if your veterans are too good!  Gotta have fair teams!

Fixed price no matter how many players on your squad
*Teams are offered 1 veteran player to join you - who loves welcoming new crews: like as a social liaison and to help get your feet wet with the game. 
Optional, but recommended - They're great!

Fixed price no matter how many on your squad!

It's recommended to have 10 people showing up weekly -
So make your roster as large as you need to do that! 10? 20? 30?! Ok!
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Hello, World!

Registration Ends Wed, Dec 27th

What: Dodgeball, charity, drinks, costume themes, shenanigans...why we're gooder
Where: Manhattan Upper East Side, St Joseph School, 420 E 87th St
When: Tuesdays, Jan 9 - Feb 20, Gametimes vary between 7:00-9:10
Signup Options:
By yourself: $80/person
As a Small Group: $80 per person - up to 5 people in your group with a max of 3 of any gender (so 3F1M is ok - 4M isn't)
As a Full or Company Team: $1000 flat fee, 13+ players, min 3 women
For company teams, you can have as many as you need on your roster(13? 20? Ok!) to make sure you got 13 showing up weekly.
Not a company team? *max 2 veterans - the rest newbies* Mostly an option for a veteran who wants to captain a new squad or a an entire 1st time squad more comfortable together their 1st season.
► BOGO DISCOUNT: 50% off your 2nd league. Buy this league, & join a 2nd Fall season half off. Use HALVZEEZ on the 2nd league’s signup

  • NYC's only No-Sting ball league!
  • Everyone meets everyone.  Which is why it’s become the best sports community in NYC - instead of just 10 team cliques by themselves
  • We make balanced teams so everyone has a chance
  • 8-10 games a night + pickup games - a ton of playing time!
  • All skill levels: newbies/veterans/if ya suck/if ya good all mixed together - no worries! No one's "dragging the team down" for being bad - just funsies!