Spring 2019, Wednesday Upper East Side, Manhattan
St Stephen's School, 408 East 82nd Street (@ 1st Ave)
After-Party Bar: Dorrian’s, 1616 2nd Ave (@ E84th St)


  • If you're missing players you can/should bring subs (friends? coworkers?) for $10 for the night
  • Games must start with min 6 players, min 2 women.
  • You need 4 actual roster members (any gender) not to forfeit - rest can be subs.
  • The rest you can grab subs (coworkers? pals?) to have that 6 player minimum.
  • Make sure you have enough players as the other teams are counting on your having enough folk for a fun game!
  • Struggling with attendance? Or even if you're not - your friends can permanently join your team late - at a prorated fee for the nights they missed before joining. Email the game manager, Ari about it!

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Bar Games Standings

  • Totally optional. Takes a few minutes. But funsies! If your team's playing, must choose different teammates each week to be involved!
  • 1st = 15pts
    2nd = 10pts
    3rd = 7pts
    4th = 5pts
    Participation? = 2pts / Nah, we're cool just hangin at the bar, all good = no points

    League Standings

    Win = 10pts, Loss = 5pts
    Points will be deducted for dickery (arguing, "oh my god are you serious I totally hit him! Bullshit! I'm mad about recreational sports grrr!", being a goober)...but you'll be fine, because you're not a dick, right?

    Social Shits n Giggles

    Social Intermediate