Summer Season Registration

Well hey hey there! Welcome to NYC Dodgeball. The only league in the world (legitimately!) offering nights with all 4 types of dodgeballs - Rubber, No-Sting, Cloth, and Foam. So here’s our deal: we’re not some big corporation trying to gouge you. We started this as a community thing - we charge you the least, you get more playing time, plus our reputation is having the tightest social scene. Because we’re players too - and I dunno, we just got tired when leagues advertise “social!”… but it’s really just a bunch of pre-existing cliques, right? Charging you a ton for not meeting anybody in other friend groups. Ew. No. Ew. So! Our super classy motto is “don’t be a dick.” Seems to work! We’ll take care of teams, t-shirts, all that annoying planning stuff. All you gotta do is signup and show up on the night you choose!

Join more than one league in a season? Your second league is half price!

Mondays - Tuesdays - Wednesdays - Thursdays

Mondays - Nolita, Old school Rubber playground balls

Monday - The DownTown Party

(June 24- Aug 5, ~7:20-9:40pm), St. Patrick’s Gym - 268 Mulberry Street

Shits ‘n’ Giggles & Standard Leagues

Mondays are our largest group - maybe because we play with the old school rubber playground balls - the way god intended? Also because it’s 2 groups playing next to each other. Social “Shits & Giggles” League and Social Intermediate League. Both social, both welcoming to any skill, just Intermediate is geared more for those that wanna get better and/or a little more athletic. But both are in the same gym & bar regardless: playing & being goofy in costume themes & then bar-partying together.

Tuesdays - SOHO, Bar Party and Soft Foam balls

Tuesdays - SOHO, Bar Party and Soft Foam balls

Tuesday - Special Outdoor Summer Bar Party League

(June 25 - Aug 6, 7pm/8:30pm),3 Sheets - 134 W 3rd & Vesuvio Playground

1) Bar Party League+Shits n Giggles Dodgeball or 2) Just Bar Party League

WILL SELL OUT…Summer outdoors! But since it’s hot as balls outside, it’s mostly an excuse for a party night. All about the social bar games…the main part every night is team bar games (flip cup, slap cup, etc.) You can sign for JUST the bar league for half price - and even make your own big team of buddies for that! But if you sign up for social dodgbeall AND bar league, your team will first meet up at each week for some shits n giggles soft foam goofy outdoor dodgeball nearby before joining up for bar games!

Thursday - Williamsburg, Soft Euro Cloth balls

Thursday - Williamsburg, Soft Euro Cloth balls

Thursday - No SLeep til Brooklyn

(~June 26 - Aug 8, ~7-9pm), Williamsburg Northside School - 299 N 7th St

Shits ‘n’ Giggles & Standard Leagues

Our fastest growing spot and the only league in America playing with European Cloth balls (from the 2018 Dodgeball World Cup we hosted—HUMBLE BRAG.) Soft covered so they’re good for beginners, but they’re not toys - so good for vets too. Like Mondays it’s 2 groups: “Shits & Giggles” & “Intermediate”. Playing next to each other, bar partying & theme parties together. Both social, both welcoming to any skill, just Intermediate is geared more for those wanting to improve and/or a little more athletic.

Wednesdays - Upper East Side, No-Sting squishy rubber Dodgeballs

Wednesdays - Upper East Side, No-Sting squishy rubber Dodgeballs

Wednesday - The Uptown FUNK

St. Stephen’s School - 408 East 82nd Street

Social Shits ‘n’ Giggles & Standard Leagues

*GYM UNDER CONSTRUCTION* We’ll be back in the Fall for our ‘no-sting’ balls leagues here. I know. Boo.

REFUND POLICY:  No refunds generally speaking.  I mean, you can't buy an ice cream and return it because you don't like it.  We've already got shirts ordered and schedules made!  That F's us up and more importantly, the season/your team up!  On top of that - we're already the cheapest league in the city, man.  We gotsta pay the bills here! If you had a poopy time or a scheduling conflict we can maybe offer you league credit to a different one of our league options next time.  I mean, we're not gonna be a dick - you get hit by a car and show up in a full body cast, yeah, we'll give you a refund, sign your cast, and send you tear stained get well cards.