Join a Dodgeball League Already!

Registration Open nOw: 2016 Summer Season: 7 weeks, July 11 - August 22

Registration Deadline: Monday, June 27

Monday Manhattan Downtown "Competitive League"

(But not douchey)

What's the "Competitive League"?

You're here for the sport - and to play hard as a mother-shut-your-mouth! Choose your own teams and go for the championship! No experience necessary, buuuut definitely more for the people wanting to get after it hard/veterans/I wanna rock out-ers! This league will have longer time for games and will be refereed tournament style - as in by the players. Teams will be assigned not just their team games to play, but also twice a season to referee one of the night. (There'll be a tutorial before league games start - no worries!)


Well, competitive! What that DOESN'T mean is angry/tantrum-y - everyone's still gonna meet everyone else and party...what that DOES mean is the rules are tighter, competing hard, and closer to competitive tournament format!


St Patrick's Youth Center (Air Conditioned!) - 268 Mulberry St


$800 for a full team (works out to $80/person for 10-person team), $72 early bird solo, $80 regular solo - cheapest for most playing time...because hey, it's dodgeball.


7 weeks (7th week is playoffs which everyone makes), Mondays, July 11-August 22. Of course, it's understood not everyone can make every week - teams have enough on the rosters for that - so don't worry you're "letting the team down" or anything silly like that if you miss a couple weeks.

Teams? Can I make my own?

Coed, 21-and-up, recomemended teams of 10 (6 men, 4 women), but if you're making your own team, you need at minimum 8. Know if you don't have a full team of 10, you may be assigned people who've signed up solo to round out the roster. You don't HAVE to sign up with a teaam you can sign up solo or with a small group if you want, and if there's space on a team, we'll get you in there. Worst case, if there just aren't spots you'll be placed on a League Classic" team.

Playing Time?

Most you'll find anywhere, that's for sure - Hours of game-play each week: * 6-7:15 optional extra Open Gym playing time

* 7:15-10pm league games (2 best-of-three matches against different teams each week ~40minutes...some weeks you'll play on the early side there, some on the later).

* 8:30-8:45 ALL gym pickup game (always a favorite)

* Hours of extra court time: discounted Open Gym pickup games for league members all week

Game Rules?

* The biggest rule is toning it down to your opponent's level. So if you're not good, no worries, you're cool - no one's gonna kill ya! And if you're great, all good too, the thing is just if you're throwing too hard at people clearly smaller/not as good as you, you're a) a dick and b) out of here. We're not saying don't try hard - just that this is a fun thing, not a "I must crush those before me!" thing. If going as hard as you can no matter what is your style - that's cool - but sign up for the Competitive League!

* Games will be refereed tournament style. Meaning refereed by the players of a team that isn't playing. Every team is assigned not just their games, but twice a season you'll be assigned to referee one half of an evening. So if your games come in the 2nd half of an evening one night, you might be reffing the first half of the night for example. We'll have a quick training before games begin - not to worry! * 6 vs 6 at a time, with teammates rotating in during the night

* Out of Bounds: If a player steps out of bounds (touching a line) they are out. Womp womp.

* Head Shots: Obviously no one's trying to hurt anyone, but high throws are gonna happen time to time. As long as you're not hitting someone in the head, you're good to go. A head shot, and only a headshot - where the hit player was upright - the thrower is out.

*Ball is live until it hits the building or another ball in midair, and you're out if you're hit with a live ball, your live ball you threw is caught, or an opponent's live ball knocks a ball that you're holding out of your hand

* On a catch, the thrower is out AND a player comes back in on the catcher's team

* This isn't chess, keep up the pace! Teams will have a 5 second countdown to throw a ball if they're slowing down the games or else they forfeit the balls to the other team

* When one team’s all out, switch sides, rinse and repeat

Afterparty & Costume Themes?
(optional - ya know, if that's your thing)

Includes twice the people since all the "League Classic" are there too, player drink deals, beer games, and weekly costume themes (optional...but seeing someone play dodgeball in a Bugs Bunny costume is kind of the best) for free shots at the bar


7th week is playoffs. Every team's in the playoffs! Someone's taking home the Sandlot Cup, and someone's taking home the Golden Squid

Corporate/Alumni Teams?

Yep, $1000 flat rate for Corporate/alumni groups to hop in, and yes, then it's your own team. You can have as many people as you want on the roster instead of it being capped - especially with corporate groups we knoe it's often a rotating cast of who's free on a given game night. But given that rotating cast - I'd recommend the League Classic but hey, knock yourselves out!

C O M P A N Y   L E A G U E S

This league is for company groups - be that office mates, corporate team, alumni group, church group, non-profit, um, backgammon club? Etc.

Here's a PDF flyer you can send to your company - *now* who's the hero for finding the cool new office thingy!

Team building can be just a buzzword - what that means here is we understand how important bonding with colleagues *outside* work is: A focus on social interaction - not the usual lazy execution of "here's a gym, balls, & a ref - go!" you'll find in NYC.

Weekly game photos for your HR departments to show off and help recriuit - showing off "lookie what cool stuff our company does!"

Is this league actually gooder?  You bet your grandma Mabel's fanny it is!   Why?  Well I'm glad you asked:

  • Cheapest social sport leagues in the city. $80  Least dollars for the most playing time. Because jesus, it’s dodgeball. The minute we start getting all corporate-y and price-gouging you is the minute you can kick us in the taint.
  • You'll ACTUALLY meet people.  Our unofficial motto's "Hey don't be a dick"'ll actually be actively welcomed - not just by your own teammates.  You know how in most sports or social groups everyone goes thinking "Hey, let's be social"...but then just stays in their own clique?  Yeah. No. Boo.  By design this is organized to be much more community interaction oriented.
  • Weekly costume themes, after-parties (pending on the bar, karaoke or beergardens too), drink deals, extra playing time all around the city all week, prizes, team t-shirts, refs, the coveted Sandlot Cup and Golden Squid  on week 7 playoff night (everyone makes the playoffs) - all provided. Oh, and dodgeballs. We’ll bring those too. Those are important.
  • Gender balanced.  Coed, 21-&-up, 8-10 players per team (exceptions are possible if you bribe us) to keep max playing time - not shoving as many as we can per team for more $$$.  6 vs 6 at a time, max 4 of either gender on the court at once.  At least 4 women on a team.
  • Old school rubber playground balls. The way god intended.