Summer 2017, Mondays NoLita
Gym: St Patrick's Youth Center, 268 Mulberry st
Bar: Tropical 128, 128 Elizabeth St

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Subs: Don't have your full squad for a night?  (Recommended at least 9 players, 3 women)  You can bring subs!  Subs can join your team for $10 a night - be they in your company or outside friends.  The other teams are counting on your having enough folk for a fun game!

Championships: You're playing for two things: 1) the Golden Squid - and the right to choose our season's charity recipient! - awarded to our Social Champs: the friendliest, most enthusiastic, always-cool-headed-est team! and 2) The Sandlot Cup for the playoff champions!

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Open Gym: Want extra playing time? While league games start at 7:10, you can drop in from 6:00-7:10 for pickup games: laid back non-stop extra court time! $5 for league members...but you can even bring buddies from outside the league to join you - then it's free!

Costume Themes: Best dressed get free shots at the bar each night

All Gym Scrimmage: Halftime break each night from league matches - for a giant goofy game with everyone at once!

Bar Time Shenanigans: Drink specials and beer games nightly for the league (if that's your thing) - and kitchen's open!

Bar Games: It's not just about dodgeball...every night a different team game at the bar: some you nominate your best, some are all-team

Field Day: Think of it like all-star break festivities. Not FOR anything - just a full night of different variations of throwback playground dodgeball games for funsies

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