Always can use a helping hand or two: Referees, Game Managers, Photographers, Social Media-ers (kids these days and their instasnaptweets.)

Great way to be a part of a cool community.  Play for free, get free drinks at the bars, get discounts for buddies too so you look cool to your pals.    

Were you a terrific camp counselor and can translate that to adults?  Then you're our (wo)man.  Probably the only thing where having camp counselor on your resume is a plus.  And your friends who took banking internships said you'd never amount to anything from summer camp.  Look at you now! Making a few bucks an hour as a big important dodgeball ref!  All those color wars were worth it!

If you're interested in seeing what's available, send us an email!  Or if you want to know every bit about us first, read our story or if you want to keep tabs but not talk to a person: