Private Events

This will be the lowest cost thing you can find.  Because our bread and butter is the league...we're not looking to gouge anyone.  Good times.

Joining the league?  Corporate/Office/Alumni/Church Group/whatever?
Lots of organizations want to join the league.  You know, for super important helpful things like "Team Building" and "Synergy" and "Maximizing Brand Identity Through Cost Effective Best Practice Initiatives" and "A reason for Brad from marketing to stop working on the damn Schneider account and go outside for once."

  • Company League: But legitimately, this is as good a place for a group to bond as you'll find.  If your group wants to join and play with other alumni/company/office groups we have a league of JUST those teams! And a lot more care goes into the social interaction than "Here's some balls!  And a ref paid $7.50 an hour to look at his phone most of the time.  Um, go team build!" like most places.  And it's fun.  Plain and simple.  And the lowest cost league of any kind in the city.   You can read more of what we're about, check out league offerings, and/or email and we'll hold your hand through it and tailor it for ya.

Wanna hold an event just for YOU?

By and large, our court time is taken up by our leagues but we're always happy to put on a private event.  We're a small group running this so the sooner you reach out, the better we can get your date locked in! We've done children's birthday parties to PriceWaterhouse Cooper corporate tournaments to charity fundraisers for local homeless shelters.  From competitive to laid back funsies,  we'll tailor it for you.  We know it's annoying to have to email for a quote rather than just see a price listed, but it varies too much to really quote anything blindly.  We want to tailor it for you: time/location/number of people/afterparty/open-bar afterparty/custom jerseys/ can vary quite a bit!  Email and we'll gladly build an event that's exciting, affordable, and hey you get some funny stories that your friends will be jealous of!


  • Birthdays & Bachelor Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Tournaments
  • Mid life crises party for your middle aged friends to reconnect to an idealized version of their youth
  • I'm-a-big-important-businessman-doing-big-important-business-who-wants-to-pay-to-play-only-with-my-other-important-business-friends-instead-of-joining-a-regular-game-night-with-the-unwashed-masses