Join A Community, not just a League!

Well hey hey there! Welcome to NYC Dodgeball. So here’s our deal: our whole thing is community - we charge you the least, we let you play the most, plus our reputation is having the tightest social scenes. Because we’re players too - and I dunno, we just got tired when leagues advertise “social”… but it’s really just a bunch of pre-existing friends. Then they charge you a poop ton? Ew. So! Our super classy motto is “don’t be a dick.” I dunno, seems to work! We’ll take care of teams, t-shirts, all that annoying planning stuff. All you gotta do is signup and show up on the night you choose!

Join more than one league in a season? Your second league is half price!

Mondays - SOHO, Old school Rubber Balls

Mondays - SOHO, Old school Rubber Balls

The DownTown Party

(January - March)

Mondays are our largest group because its actually two in one! We play with the old school rubber playground balls and have two leagues playing next to each other. Social “Shits & Giggles” League and Social Intermediate League. Both social, both welcoming to any skill, just Intermediate is geared more for those that wanna get better and/or a little more athletic. But the leagues are in the same gym and bar regardless: playing and being goofy in costume themes & then bar-partying after.

Wednesdays - Upper East Side, No-Sting Balls

Wednesdays - Upper East Side, No-Sting Balls

The Uptown FUNK

(January - March)

Wednesdays are our original flavor. 6 years running! Easy, right off the 86th St express stops. For those of you looking for a scene closer to home (or work.) Wednesdays we play with smaller no-sting rubber balls. Kinda like a squishy jello ball? Harder to catch, but easier to throw than old school rubber playground balls. And yeah, they’re called “no-sting!”

Then it’s off to the bar for bar games - I mean - if that’s your thing - and free shots if you dressed up for costume theme!

Thursday - Williamsburg, Euro Cloth Balls

Thursday - Williamsburg, Euro Cloth Balls

The No SLeep til Brooklyn

We’ve expanded to Williamsburg Thursday. Because….trendy facial hair? In our 2nd year in here, it’s our fastest growing social league and the only league in the country that plays with the official European Cloth balls (from the 2018 Dodgeball World Cup we hosted—HUMBLE BRAG) Soft covered so they’re good for beginners, but not like toys - so they’re good for everyone. Honestly, personal favorite ball. And Thursday is for sure an easier party night for most folk for bar games, costumes, & shenanigans!

**Did you slack off and miss the Registration Deadline?**

Hey we’ve all been there. Chances are we’ve already built teams but sometimes we can still get ya in last minute or even mid-season! Just shoot an email and we’ll do our best to get you looped in!

Sign Up Options ► Early Bird Discount 10% off. Automatic during signup
► Undergrad Discount 25% off. Use code ILIVEONRAMEN during signup
BOGO Discount 50% off. When you join 2 leagues **in the same season** your 2nd registration is half price. Buy your 1st normal, then use code HALVZEEZ during the 2nd signup
(our most popular)

Pair or Group
(2-5 Players)

$80 per player
*Max 3 of one gender. Max 4 returning players*
Full Team
(9-15 players)

$1000 flat fee any size!
*Min 3 women. Max 4 returners*
Company/Alumni Team
(9+ players & 1 optional veteran
which we'd provide*)

$1000 flat fee any size!
*Min 3 women. No max roster size*

what we are all about

  • Lowest cost AND most playing time in NYC - Like, shop around man.

  • Actually a welcoming social scene - not just team cliques where no one meets anyone else.

  • Post game bar-parties with drink specials

  • Seasonal charity drive YOU choose

  • Everyone makes the playoffs - wins from the season determine seed placement but hey, we’ve seen some crazy comebacks!

  • Team bar games - but no pressure to play or drink. Personally I just eat fries and hang out.

  • Weekly costume themes - dress up & get free shots!

  • 3 Trophies - not BS little medals: The Sandlot Cup, Social Champs, & Bar Champs

REFUND POLICY:  No refunds generally speaking.  I mean, you can't buy an ice cream and return it because you don't like it.  We've already got shirts ordered and schedules made!  That F's us up and more importantly, the season/your team up!  On top of that - we're already the cheapest league in the city, man.  We gotsta pay the bills here! If you had a poopy time or a scheduling conflict we can maybe offer you league credit to a different one of our league options next time.  I mean, we're not gonna be a dick - you get hit by a car and show up in a full body cast, yeah, we'll give you a refund, sign your cast, and send you tear stained get well cards.