Spring 2017, Mondays West Village
St Luke's School, 487 Hudson St

  • Extra Playing:  6-7:30pm every night we hold Open Gym Pickup Games. Non-stop extra court time. $5 for league members, $10 for non league members, bring a 1st timer & it's free for both of you!
  • Finale/Charity: The NYC Dodgeball Championship, but also The Golden Squid...the Social Champions!  Who was the friendliest, never argued, always honest, fun, solid attendance, enthusiasm, melts in your mouth, etc...They decide where we send charity this season!
  • Costume Themes: Best dressed get free shots at the bar each night
  • Formats: In order to play every team in the league once, some nights you'll play 2 best-of-3 matches against 2 different teams.  On other nights you'll play 1 best-of-7 match against one team.  This way, some nights are great for meeting lots of new people.  And some nights are great for gelling together and getting close with your own teammates.  Win win!  Unless you lose.

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League Classic Rules


NYC Dodgeball Schedule - Mondays West Village

Seasonal Charity Drive

At the end of the season, we donate ALL the money we've collected.  To a charity chosen by you, the players.

If you're strapped, no worries, times are tough of course.  We get it.  But if you got a couple bucks, we don't take a cut of this.  Just figure we've all got the luxury to play an adult coed after work rec league playground game...and yeah, that's a hell of a financial luxury...wanna make sure some people get the luxury to eat the next day.

Spring League Standings

Win = 10pts, Loss = 5pts
Points will be deducted for dickery (arguing, "oh my god are you serious I totally hit him! Bullshit! I'm mad about recreational sports grrr!", being a goober)...but you'll be fine, because you're not a dick, right?