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Summer 2017

► Signups close July 10

► Leagues run 7 weeks, July-August
► Dates vary a bit by location, so click on a specific league below for exact dates

How do I sign up?

Leagues run year round - winter, spring, summer, & fall - from social leagues to competitive groups. Pick your poison!

By yourself? $80 per person

As a Small Group? $80 per person - up to 5 people in your group with a max of 3 of any gender (so 3F1M is ok - 4M isn't)

As a Full Team? $800 per team, paid at once or split between your teammates - 9-12 players, min 3 women

Corporate League: As a Company, Alum, Organization Team? $1000 ($800 for first time teams) per team - min 9 players, no max

Early Bird Discount 10% off
Undergrad Discount 25% off with code ILIVEONRAMEN
BOGO Discount 50% off your 2nd league. Buy one, & join a 2nd summer season half off. Use HALVZEEZ on 2nd signup


Summer: Click For quick details and signups

What: Dodgeball, charity, drinks, costume themes, shenanigans...why we're gooder
Where: SoHo/NoLita, St Patrick's Youth Center, 268 Mulberry St
When: Mondays, July 17 - Aug 28, Gametimes vary between 7:00-9:30
Cost: $1000. 20% off for 1st time teams - use code HANSHOTFIRST for $800.

If you can beat that, I'll eat my hat. MY HAT!

  • For whole office teams, church group, alumni group, or, I dunno - stamp collecting guild?  Whatever!
  • Team building and office bonding and synergy and all that jazz!
  • Soft foam balls (though they're legit - not like nerf kids) anyone can throw
  • Low stress so you can focus on the whole point, team building n stuffs
  • Recommended 10 people showing up weekly, but flat fee: same price no matter how many people on your roster!  Some places sign up 20 knowing only 10 will come each week.  Some sign up for TWO teams because EVERYONE of em comes.

Any questions, email and we'll tailor it for ya.

What: Dodgeball, charity, drinks, costume themes, shenanigans...why we're gooder
Where: Brooklyn, Williamsburg Northside School, 299 N 7th St
When: Thursdays, July 20 - Aug 31, Gametimes vary between 7:00-9:30
Cost: $80/person if signing up solo or in a small group (Up to 5)
          $800 for a full team (9+, min 4 women)

  • NYC's only "Cloth Euro Ball" league (actually for that matter, the only one in the US to my knowledge)
  • Everyone meets everyone.  Which is why it’s become the best sports community in NYC - instead of just 10 team cliques by themselves
  • Sign up as a full team (9+, min 4 women), solo, or in small groups (up to 5) together and we make the teams out of that.  
  • Specifically a full company/organization team? That's for Company League!
  • All skill levels: newbies/veterans/if ya suck/if ya good all mixed together - no worries! No one's "dragging the team down" for being bad - just funsies!