What Are You Walking Into Here?
Convince me to play! Dazzle me!

Dear haver of eyes who is reading this right now,

You should probably come play with us.  If you like charity and fun and smiling and stuff.  Fun’s pretty alright. 

If youve ever been in a sports league before, you know how the idea of social” actually just ends up being each team of pre-existing friends hanging out in cliques a lot of times?  Yeah, that sucks.  Youll find a lot of that in this city.  Here, its an actual community.  So brace yourself for actually an inclusive community.  Deep breaths.

Whatever you’re into: whether you're awful, great, wanna compete, just wanna meet some people, run around like a kid, have a drink after work – you’re good to go here.

Ooooh! lookie!  Heres a bullet point list of why were gooder!  Because you know, kids these days and their buzzfeed lists and stay off my lawn:


1. By players, for players: a community, not a corporation
2. Lowest cost sport league in the city
3. The most playing time
4. Options for all-stars, casual players, or suckos (term of endearment)
5. Old school playground balls (8.5”), No-sting rubber balls, or soft foam balls


1. Seasonal charity drive to an organization of your choice
2. Actually meeting good people, not cliques
3. Balanced gender ratio
4. Post-game drink specials, Beer games and shenanigans
5. Costume themes (optional, but you get free shots!)


If youre looking for the best players in NYC – our players represent NYC in national tournament (and you can too!) - youve come to the right place!

If you
re just looking for funsies and cant throw or catch to save your life?  Youve also come to the right place!  Or anything in between.

Were just a good group of people of all walks of life who realized you’re allowed to play dodgeball after grade school apparently.  Who knew?  Our mottos Dont be a dick. Youre not a dick are you?  No?  Great!  Youll fit right in!

Pretty much, if youre in NYC and playing dodgeball somewhere else, you kiiiinda F'ed up

So dont F up.  All the cool kids are doing it.  You don't wanna not be a cool kid do you?!  


Balls Full, Laces Tight,

Dodgeball Shogun